Lower Lip Piercing – Charmed by Labret Piercing

The lower lip piercing is getting more and more popular by the day. Types of body piercing range from the common ear piercing which used to be solely seen among the female gender, to parts of the body left to the imagination. Labret piercing is a type of lip piercing whereby the targeted area is around the region between the lower lip and the chin.

Frequently worn is a Labret stud through a hole in this region, with the back of the stud through the inner hole on the inside of the mouth. A vertical variation of this piercing is to put the inner hole at the top of the lower lip, hence allowing both ends of the stud to be visible.

Since Labret and lower lip piercing involves a delicate area of the body, any thoughts on going through with this procedure require careful consideration. Your lips are an active area and can easily be infected by any procedure less than perfect. A botched job resulting in discomfort or even disfigurement is too high a price to pay.

It’s therefore highly recommended to seek out professional services as mishaps commonly occur with inexperienced personnel. If you have known allergies to certain metals, inform the piercer and take care in selecting labret studs made of allergy-free materials. Sometimes these items are made with surgical steel, similar to that used to make surgical instruments.

Aftercare And Hygiene Is A Must With A Lower Lip Piercing

Aftercare is your responsibility. During the healing process, you’ll probably have to avoid foods that require biting with the front of your teeth if you’ve selected a piercing to exit at the top of your lower lip. If the swelling of your lower lip piercing becomes unbearable, placing an icepack on the inflamed area may help.

Else, take some painkillers from your local pharmacy. Tobacco products as well as alcohol are also on the ban list as they can interfere with the body’s ability to heal. Care for the region as though you would any injured part of your body.

Once the pierced area is fully healed, continue to maintain proper hygiene. If you have opted for the vertical method of lower lip piercing, it’ll probably require much easier care as it doesn’t rub against your lower gum and teeth. Sometimes, Labret studs worn in standard piercing can wear away the teeth as it continually rubs against them.

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