How to Choose the Perfect Tattoo Design For You

You have picked out several tattoo designs you think you like. The key word here is think. How much do you really like this design? Are you satisfied with having it permanently placed on your skin? If you are not absolutely sure, then keep looking.

Here are some important points to ponder when choosing a design.



What do you want to convey with this tattoo? Any piece of body art should have special meaning to you in some way. What do you feel passionate about? Do you have an achievement you are proud of, a love for a certain hobby or animal? Perhaps you are proud of your heritage and wish to display a family emblem.

Some people choose to immortalize a loved one’s photo on tattoo graphics. Someone who has passed on who you miss dearly. I’m not talking about your present girlfriend or boyfriend. Sure, you may love this person, but nobody really knows if it is forever. Don’t make the mistake of tattooing a name on yourself.

Whatever you decide, meaning is most important. Something you are sure you want to last forever. Now the next step.



One of the things you can do to avoid future disappointments from getting a tattoo is by making sure that you have picked the best among all the tattoo designs you’ve pictured in your head. Think in long term. This will save you from a lot of heartaches.

Things to consider in choosing a design:

  • Start small – If this is your first time to get a tattoo, starting small is the practical way to go. A small mark will not only require less money, it will also demand less time and less pain since there isn’t much details you can include in it. Besides, in case you change your mind and realize that you are better off without it, then it would be less trouble to have it removed.
  • Be unique – There are ready-to-use templates in a tattoo shop. However, since you are already going through the trouble of having one done, why not pick something that will surely make your experience well worth the memory? If you can draw, why not create your own tattoo designs and choose one or two from them? Or maybe you can ask a friend to do it for you. Either way, this will ensure you of a body art that tells a lot about who you are. No one would probably want to flaunt his tattoo just to bump into someone along the street with something of the same kind, right?
  • Avoid the name game – Unless you are having your mother or child’s name pierced onto your skin, it is not a good idea to play the name game when choosing tattoo designs. This may start conflict with the next person you are going to have relationship with.
  • Listen to your artist – Consult your artist about his or her opinion on the design you chose. He is the one who’s going to make the permanent mark on your skin and he sure knows by experience whether your idea will look good on you or not. He can also give you an idea on how long it’s going to take and how much pain you may feel.
  • Respect the tradition – There are designs for tattoos that may appear disrespectful like tribal designs and religious figures. Before getting inked with the design you want, make sure you make a research about traditions. Otherwise, you may have a problem when displaying it to other individuals.




Where will this design be located? This is equally important. If it is something you want to openly display, the arms, hands and neck are chosen. Going to extremes someone will opt for the face. If you wish to keep your design private for the most part, the back and legs are good choices.

Keep in mind also that as we age, so does the body. Some females will choose tattoo graphics that are in the chest region or the pelvis area. Unless you remain forever thin and do not worry about the effects of aging, these areas are not good choices.

Also, if you are in an industry of employment that prohibits body art, or exposed tattoos, consider an inconspicuous area. The upper arms are easy to conceal, as are the legs in most cases. The lower back is a popular location for tattoo graphics these days, but if you want to enjoy your artwork the only way you will see it is in a mirror.


Artist Reputation

Do your research on the artist who will be doing the work. Talk to people he has worked on, check out their results. If they are satisfied then you should be. Get as many referrals as you can. Some artists will offer free touch-ups. If they are using quality ink, you should not need a touch-up for a long time.

Get to know the artist. If you have small changes to make in a design he/she should be willing to oblige. In the hands of a talented artist any tattoo graphics can be altered to suit your personal preference.


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