Double Tongue Piercing – Horizontal Tongue Piercing Information You Need

We bring you much needed double tongue piercing information because, as you will learn, the tongue stud is, without a doubt, the most popular body piercing in these modern times. Since time immemorial, people have looked for ways to adorn themselves, either to attract mates or to honor important people, gods and events in their lives.

Today, people are resurrecting the ancient practice of piercing the body, and they do it for many different reasons. But for the tongue stud piercing, there are a couple of special reasons that stand out:

First, it’s easy to hide a double tongue piercing from conservative types. Mom and Dad may not approve, but the adult child of such parents might like to keep the piercing “optional” so to speak, in that a tongue piercing is easy to hide. Just out of respect for the old folks, if you are so inclined.

But there’s another reason that makes this choice so irresistible. As a sexual aid, the tongue stud is an incredible addition to the party. It had better be, considering how much pain is involved in getting one of these piercings!

The piercing of the tongue, itself, is going to hurt. There’s just no way around it. But afterwards, you will need to keep your jaws open, so that nothing touches the pierce… and keeping your jaws wide is going to hurt after awhile, as well.

If you can focus on the pleasure this double tongue piercing is going to bring your sexual partners, then… what’s a little pain, eh?

Of course, your tongue is going to swell. And eating will be brutal. You’re probably going to have to invest in those nutritional drinks they make for older people… just to keep you from starving to death. A liquid diet is going to be a godsend for you while your horizontal tongue piercing is healing.

And make sure you discuss the pros and cons of different gauge sizes of the stud that will be going into your tongue. Your piercer can inform you of your best options to balance the pain with the healing process.

As long as you’re talking to a piercer, check out their credentials and the cleanliness of the shop out of which they work. Hepatitis is a nasty infection, and can be life threatening. You will want a certified trained piercer, as hitting the nerve in the center of the tongue during the double tongue piercing process is all too easy.

Now, don’t bother even trying to talk during the healing time. Text messaging is going to be your best friend during this time. Just keep in mind how much fun this tongue stud is going to be, and the long days of healing will speed by.

Oh! And one very special caveat! Once your tongue is healed, it has been the unfortunate experience of many new horizontal tongue piercing wearers to accidentally chip a tooth or two when biting down. Be especially aware of your tongue stud while eating or doing pretty much anything else with your mouth.

During the healing process, you will be responsible for keeping your mouth and tongue scrupulously clean. This means no smoking, and the area must be cleansed with warm salt water several times a day, particularly after eating. Yes, even after the liquid drinks.

Bacteria can find its way into your system very easily with a tongue piercing, so take extra care to avoid an infected tongue piercing at all costs. Also, take care and take this double tongue piercing information seriously or you’ll never get to surprise your lover with, say, something fantastic, like a vibrating tongue barbell

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