Cute Tattoo Ideas For Women – Be Creative When Deciding On Cute Tattoo Designs

When choosing from among a wide range of cute tattoo ideas and designs, we recommend putting it in henna first. Wear the henna equivalent for a few days and if the appeal of the cute tattoo design remains strong, then consider at that time getting it inked permanently. However when you are absolutely sure about your unique design, henna tattoos becomes immaterial.

Also, we must caution that tattoos are often not accepted in the mainstream workplace including the military where it was once a hallowed tradition. Many employers would not consider any tattoo designs to be cute, so we recommend highly you consider a tattoo in an area that clothes will still cover it. Now if you haven’t any plans to accept a job where cute tattoos are not allowed or accepted, then naturally this rule of thumb would not apply to you.

What are the examples of cute tattoo ideas? There are several to decide between simply due to the fact that cuteness abounds, even in the world of tattoos. To name a few popular choices for designs I would start with flowers, fairies, dragonflies, dolphins and zodiac signs and symbols from other languages.

In fact, whatever the person considers as cute will be deemed cute as well by the tattoo artist – the customers’ wishes are his commands, after all. Just choose from the gallery of cute designs at your local shop, or decide upon a special cute tattoo design of your own to follow. The chosen design will then be tattooed on the body with a few alterations due to the area available for inking.

Cute Tattoo Ideas For Girls – Picking the Right Placement And Design

Looking for some cute tattoo ideas for your body? There are some great ideas for tattoos that will fit your body type and personality. Chances are you do not want a masculine tattoo on your body, so here are some great ideas for artwork and locations you can be comfortable with.

  • Lower Back Single Letter Tattoo – While the lower back is a popular location, too many people get a tattoo that is too large for this region. Consider getting a single, black Japanese or Chinese symbol back there, and it will be cute and concealable at the same time
  • Shoulder Butterfly Tattoo – Getting a small butterfly on your shoulder blade is another option that would prove useful for you. You can get some color worked in on this design and have some fun with it.
  • Lower Stomach Or Hip YingYang Tattoo – This one can be very cute and quite sexy for you to get. With some discretion, you can only show off your tattoo to someone who has earned the right to see it! Try this one out and make sure the location is low enough where it will not show unless you really want it too.

There are many great ideas for cute and sexy tattoos for girls beyond those three. Hopefully those ideas have helped get your imagination working though. Remember that getting a tattoo is a very personal decision and you should not make it quickly.

Take your time with some cute tattoo ideas, and shop around a little to find the right drawing for your body and location. Again, you must not forget that the tattoo design you decide upon must be what you want since it will be extremely difficult to have it removed.

Then again, who will want to remove a cute tattoo especially when it represents a special time or a special person in one’s life? For example, a star usually symbolizes a person who has passed on to the other world – became a star in the firmament, so to speak – or an individual who shines like a star in one’s universe.

Indeed, the cute tattoo designs may be small in many cases but their impact on the inked person and on others can be big. It is all about art and placement during the inking process. Please share your¬†cute tattoo ideas in the comments bellow…


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