About Me

My most ambitious website yet. I hope you will take the time to look around and hopefully find your next tattoo design.

User submitted tattoo designs

The world is a big place. The world of tattoos even bigger. If you have designed a tattoo that you want to share with rest of us don’t hesitate to send me an email including your design.

My way or the high way

The articles you will find on this site is edited by me and I find them quite humorous. I don’t mind if you do not share my view.

The designs

All the tattoo designs you will find on these pages is raw sketches done by me or people I know. Some of them are redesigns of other peoples work.


Theres a lot of images on this website. I’ve tried to make the design as simple as possible to make the pages load fast.

If you find anything in this site that is not working, send me an email.. thanks.

This site is made in the memory of my first tattoos – heck I made two the first time, just to balance of my body. Do you remember your first tattoos? If so I would really like to publish your tattoo story on this site. Mail it to me!